Mind’s backstage

01.05.2008.22:53 pm

I am tired, I’ll say things I will not mean when all will be “right” again. the “ “” “ (if you can follow me 🙂 ) are because I’m not very sure that that right is really the right right… and this is where things start getting complicated, but don’t worry, this is where I stop this thought line.

Maybe I’ll try another way to let my thoughts roll, down some others paths, cause they are a bit too expensive to keep, as the U2 guys sing. This is like creating anything – music, design, text or whatever, you let yourself be caught in a rush of energy that materializes in ideas, which if you follow will mark the steps to a new experience, a new perspective, always moving forward, and surely, at the same time inward, in some mystic way. So… where am i now? Not too far from where I’ve been 5 minutes ago. It’s been like a short dark tunnel all this philosophizing, I’m out there again, and the landscape hasn’t changed much. Sometimes it does change abruptly but then I take other kind of tunnels, and surely not the one I just took now… so I’m exiting now, back to the mute frozen image that I can even see it in my mind as it takes the shape of a cartoon landscape… Funny, I imagine it in yellow and purple, and maybe some dark olive colors, maybe some warm tones too, and there are hills but I am in a valley, just out of a tunnel, the grass is not green, and this is where I am now. Some other day I remember there was an endless train riding on a sunny dry plane and it had kept rolling for years, and it seemed this train would not reach its destination for still a long time, but that’s another story, maybe some other time, maybe some other way I’ll tell it.


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