my music

He Came Down

Under A Concrete Sky


Improvizatie la pian


I have wandered in the darkest coldest valley
I was drowning in the mud of selfishness
I thought I am lost in a dark labyrinth
This nightmare seemed to have no end.

Like the morning star You came to me and chased the night away
You delivered me and gave me hope and helped me find my way
Who am I to feel I need the love of the one that made the sky?
Who am I to hope I’ll never die?

It’s your grace that always brings me back to you
It’s your love that never lets me down
Without you and all you’ve done for me I cannot face myself
It’s you who comforts my broken heart.

Face to face we’ll meet at the end of time
you will wipe away every tear from my eyes
I will see you as you are and I’ll know as I am known
You’ll take me far away in another world.

2 Comments on “my music”

  1. Sorina says:

    Cel mai mult imi plac YOUR WORDS ARE TRUE si LIKE THE MORNING STAR… 🙂 Foarte ascultabile… pentru un “ne-diplomat”… 😉

    • soulrended says:

      multumesc! am in plan sa inregistrez mai multe, si cu ajutorul lui Ale, poate, dar timp si dispozitie sa fie numai 🙂

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