Daca suntem la sfarsit de an, m-am gandit sa pun toate drafturile intr-un singur articol. Acestea sunt scrieri de-ale mele care nu au devenit articole pe acest blog, pentru ca, fie nu au fost terminate(cam toate sunt asa), fie au fost scrise mai mult in joaca, fie nu am considerat ca merita sa le pun pe blog. Acum le public pe toate “en gros” 🙂

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I. Einstein spunea

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Mind’s backstage

01.05.2008.22:53 pm

I am tired, I’ll say things I will not mean when all will be “right” again. the “ “” “ (if you can follow me 🙂 ) are because I’m not very sure that that right is really the right right… and this is where things start getting complicated, but don’t worry, this is where I stop this thought line.

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